Dating a surfer dude dating services spokane

On second thought, if you get tired look who's going to come and save your ass.. Is there anything sexier than a man who knows how to handle himself in the wild?? Doing a beach clean with his friends so that birdies and fish can have a plastic-free sea. He doesn't need a crazy life plan, he just needs waves and his woman.

He'll never turn his nose up at you for suggesting a late night skinny dip. If he tells you to stay in the whitewater (AKA the safe bit) god damn it stay in the white water.

Surfers know to seize the moment and go full-tilt all the time.

But don’t worry he’ll be there every step of the way.

Disclaimer: This is meant to be some sort of a humorous manifesto of dating a surfer. I’ve heard that one too many times before to actually believe that statement.

That’s great and all, but there isn’t much out there to give the ladies a quick taste of what’s to come in dating a surfer. That’s usually followed up with “except for that icky sand, it just gets everywhere.” I don’t get what’s wrong with the sand, Laird Hamilton has some sort of imitation sand for a floor in his house and that sounds ideal to me and most surfers.

Ladies, do you have what it takes to date a surfer? When a surfer says this to you, you’re probably thinking that he wants to take you to the beach, pack a picnic lunch, and walk on the beach with you for miles picking up shells. This is what he’s saying “the waves are supposed to be pumping and I want to go surfing. It’d also be cool if you took some pictures of me too.” I’m sure he’d love to spend time with you at the beach between sessions, but when the swell picks up again, your “hopeless romantic” is going to be charging back into the water with his board to catch some more waves. If he ever mentions , be ready to wake up around a.m. After that’s the “I just wish the sun wasn’t so bright or hot.” So you don’t like the sun–how about you try living in Ohio where the sun never shines and it’s always cold.


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