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By letting go of attachment to the outcome, you actually make the realization of the goal more likely.One way of practicing detachment is to tell yourself “I want this to happen, but if it doesn’t happen, it may be for a good reason.” This is one way of letting go of the coveted outcome.

I was raised in a utopian community based on meditation that deified our guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who said he was enlightened and encouraged all of us to achieve his state of “24-hour bliss.” I developed a long-standing dislike of men who stood on stages and told people to emulate them. Despite having book after book on the best-seller list for years, Tolle said he was modest in his habits, citing a new Lexus SUV and a nice condo as his biggest splurges.But I still was dissatisfied, always looking just around the corner.It was always 'when I get there then my life will be perfect'.Hey all, I have not written anything on this site in a good while--I also couldn't help but notice this newer "thread"--but if I may--to reiterate my dismay and alarm at my old friend, Eckhart--as happenstance has it, I came across an article today posted on one of my favorite websites--it's an article that USA TODAY put out TODAY--and there's an excerpt where the reporter describes Eckhart's features-but it's where he/she states:..."ice blue eyes that match his Jaguar" I had to laugh. I believe anyone with an ability to discern should pay very close attention to that one. And when you know things from both sides, there's just that added chill... Often mere mortals are completely blind to their own pathology. As one who was truly wizened, stated: "By their deeds you shall know them" Truly.Eckhart Tolle's book has taught me how to feel peaceful, find the path to great relationships and become aware of the miracle of the moment. I've become a witness to the thoughts and I don't react - instead I giggle at how absurd they are! This is the moment and it's all I have I used to think I lived in the moment.


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