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But you might be surprised to learn he shot The Mummy's "brutal" plane crash scene in zero-gravity, in a real aircraft that was actually hurtling towards the Earth.

And he did it 60 times."You're essentially in astronaut training.

He insisted that he was the only leader of the Indians.

He refused to allow other Indian political parties to join the Barisan Nasional. The defeat of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) is entirely because of him.

Black 100% cotton t-shirt with a print of the French language poster (oh là là!

In the skies over France, the plane climbed "literally at the speed of a rocket" to 25,000 feet. The process was repeated 60 times over two days, leaving Cruise and co-star Annabelle Wallis battered and bruised."The pressure on your body is incredible," Kurtzman said. It was like that, Kurtzman says, but dialled up to the extreme.

Looks like those who want to answer my charges are short of ideas.

They must know that Hindraf represents Tamil racists who still look to their old masters, the British, to protect them. And they speak not just of Indians but of Tamils as a separate race. Seeing the death and destruction inflicted on Sri Lanka by the Tamil Tigers, they threaten to bring this kind of violent racial politics to Malaysia.

In sympathising with Hindraf, Samy exposes his deep racist sentiments.


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