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For more details on the exact formats, please see the documentation in the developer guide.From March 2017 onwards, we aim to update Nu Get packages with new TZDB data shortly after each TZDB release, each update counting as a patch release.Warning If you installed Num Py/Sci Py with yum/apt-get, updating Num Py/Sci Py with pip/easy_install is not always a good idea.This can make Theano crash due to problems with BLAS.http header value for every response in the session.I don't know what causes this header value to get set and it sometimes appears mid-session and once it starts sending it, it will be sent for the rest of the session and trying to update the claims will never work again for that session.When windows auth is used, I initially authenticate the user using windows and then set a cookie, which I then use for all future requests in the session. In other words, if you need to alter a claim, and you need that alteration to be available in the next request, then you follow it with: Identity 2.0 I did doubt that the is Persistent flag was related to the http header but I still don't know why the http header appeared.If windows auth is disabled, updating the claims like this always works. If you need to update the claims, you must sign the user out and sign them back in. Changing the claims came from SO answers elsewhere (e.g.

Note: Your session will expire at the end of J-Web application package installation.

“Switch OS 3.0.1 [is] very likely to be a Bad Thing (TM) for now”, the hacker stated.

Daeken hasn’t shared much details, and the scene is playing the guessing game for now.

However, you may wish to use a new version of tzdb changing which version of Noda Time you're using. Noda Time's main library doesn't read tzdb text files directly - it uses a binary form which is the output of - another part of the Noda Time project.

This saves both space (the 2013h version takes about 125K when compiled) and time, as the binary form contains various precomputed transitions. This became awkward in a number of ways, not least because of the lack of full resource support in Portable Class Libraries.


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