Singapore government dating program

IE Singapore attracts global commodities traders to establish their global or Asian home base in Singapore.

Through our Global Company Partnership Grant and Market Readiness Assistance Grant, we also work with Singapore-based companies in their various stages of growth towards being globally competitive.

Given our small domestic market, expanding overseas is even more important for Singapore companies today.

It also ensures a sustainable economy for Singapore amidst an uncertain global climate.

Come dressed in your sunniest colours and revel in the festivities with other party-goers at the Summer Mega Party on 3 June!

With 90,000 members in the two agencies, it seems young Singaporeans are happy to play along.

for all male Singaporean citizens and second-generation permanent residents to undergo a period of compulsory service in the uniformed services.

While the idea of asking Uncle Sam to set you up may seem like the final act of a desperate single, in Singapore, the mixing of love and state is de rigueur: In the last 25 years, the country's two official matchmaking agencies have 186,000 marriages to their credit.

But with a birthrate that's flat, after two decades of decline, and the average age of marriage steadily rising (for women, it jumped from 24.6 in 1985 to 27.6 in 2007; for men, it rose from 27.4 to 30.2), the government is hoping to do even better.


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